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Be Ready, Be Prepared, Donna Vincent Roa, The Ultimate To Do List When Your Loved One Dies

If your mother, father, or other family member died today, would you know what to do, who to contact, or how to plan a funeral?


Most of us don't. That's why I wrote this book. I kept a checklist for my Mom's funeral and felt like you could benefit from a similar checklist. 


You can have access to a funeral checklist that is both practical and comprehensive.    


The Ultimate To Do List When Your Loved One Dies: Before & After the Funeral is a book about practical readiness: tasks and to do items that can be discussed, decided upon, and completed prior to someone’s death.


We can be ready. We can be prepared. We can take action BEFORE a funeral takes place.

It's time that we talk about death. It's time that we prepare for it.
While all of us should focus daily on the spiritual aspect of readiness, it's critically important to be ready in the practical sense. 

Hear the Story Behind the Book and "Meet" the Author

Click the photo below. Donna is the featured guest on "Making It Last."

Click the photo to watch Donna Vincent Roa talk about "The Ultimate To Do List When Your Loved One Dies: Before & After the Funeral" on Regina DeMeo's "Making It Last." You will learn details about how to plan a celebration of life. 

THE Book You Need If You've Never Planned or Prepared a Funeral

The majority of us have never been responsible for carrying out a funeral. This book is THE book for people who've never done or planned a funeral before.

Through a concerted effort at pro-active funeral planning, you or someone responsible for taking care of your funeral will have what you need in The Ultimate To Do List When Your Loved One Dies: Before & After the Funeral to carry out final arrangements and wishes with ease and confidence when death happens.

Let's Make Dealing With Death Easier

Even though we exist in a death-averse society and typically avoid conversations about death, we shouldn’t allow this to affect our preparedness or prevent us from putting a funeral plan in place. We can and should be ready.

Let's Be the Generation that Plans For Death Before It Happens

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